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Actual Conversation With Buyer Of My Fantastic Vintage Mamiya RB67 Pro-S


Mar 30 The buyer ******** created a return 
Reason for return: Doesn't work or defective
Comments: The lens does not focus and the film back will not advance film properly.

Mar 30 You sent a message
Message: there is nothing wrong with the camera lens or back. you received a perfectly functioning camera. you need to read the manual carefully. there are many sources for these manuals online.

Exif Tools Portfolio (Development)

Arivaipa Bunkhouse - Cloudy Day

As a photographer you know exif data is essential to managing your image portfolio. For those who shoot film, embedding exif data is laborous and time consuming. Changing existing exif data is another interruption in the creative process. Exif Studio helps save time and assists in defining and refining your personal expressive hybrid analog workflow.  --  Follow development at