9x19 Grizzly G4000 Rescue

A run down, dirty, no good bench top lathe needs some love. Can it reach it’s full potential? Why do this? Cost. This was the least expensive platorm available. All the materials are within reach of a micro budget. My time is valuable, however, since I'm learning and the fun factor, the cost is acceptable. In a year, probably wouldn't repeat. When I outgrow this setup I will sell and upgrade, or maybe it'll work so nicely that I'll keep. We'll see.

  • Axa tool post
  • TouchDRO - 2 axis with quadratic tach, iGaging scales and swarf covers
  • Mobile stand upgrade
  • Motor chip pan shield
  • Headstock tray
  • 4 bolt cross slide mount
  • Cross slide lock
  • Apron lock
  • Solid tool post compound slide replacement
  • Buck chuck 6 jaw backplate
  • 5c collet chuck
  • Tailstock stop
  • Spindle bearing preload locknut upgrade


Videos are a mix of my progress and resources. My stuff is graded with Noir Tri-X for no particular reason.

Project Notes:

  • 22dec2021 - 1 Thousandth [ .001in .0254mm ] wiggle in spindle. Need CLA ( Clean Lube Adjust ) on spindle. Hopefully, bearings are ok. Surprisingly, the rest of the lathe sets up with acceptable tolerance. It was very rough when I brought it home. The 303 Stainless video shows the stock I’m using to make some gate parts and suss out the machine.
  • 14jan2022 - After further basic adjustments  now able to hold 7/10ths [ .007in .1778mm ] over 6 inches [ 152mm ]. Still too much vibration. Going to lube the bearings 2x a day. Hopefully, ( yeah I know, hope is not a strategy ) it'll smooth out and I can avoid pulling hedstock apart.