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Why Drupal?

The New Web Reality
Online brochures are no longer adequate to capture customer attention. The interwebs demand compelling media and fresh content, right effing now. 

Drupal CMS benefits include:

  • Very large and active open source deveoper community 
  • Engage via blogging, podcasts and video
  • Integrate with legacy frameworks
  • Flexible and powerful access controls (SSO, ACL)
  • Keep your search ranking up with meta content, XMLsitemap (SEO)
  • RSS = Really Simple Syndication (Reuters)
  • Same CMS system used internally as externally

Case study - YAHOO:

  • Improve communication between departments with shared projects
  • Track changes with versioning
  • Increase productivity with group workspaces
  • No duplication of effort
  • Company FAQ and employee manual
  • Use for internal discussion, collaborative decision making

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