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Drupal CMS

Drupal CMS Starter Pack

Everything you need for a professional online presence. 

  • Fully managed with service plan
  • Your content displayed according to your preferences
  • Your pictures and other media content prepared and placed online
  • Responsive (Mobile) display modes included
  • Introduction to digital media policy
  • Introduction to online style guide for your organization

Configured module listing: 

  • CORE: Aggregator, Block, Blog, Bootstrap, Bootstrap Business, Color, Comment, Contact, Field, Field SQL storage, Field UI, File, Filter, Help, Image, List, Menu, Node, Number, Options, PHP filter, Path, RDF, Search, Shortcut, Statistics, System, Taxonomy, Text, Toolbar, Tracker, Trigger, Update manager, User
  • OPTIONAL: Colorbox, Colorbox Node, Featured Content, File Field Sources, Frequently Asked Questions, Google Analytics, Imagecache Token, IMCE, IMCE Wysiwyg API bridge, jQuery Update, Libraries, LoginToboggan, Metatag, Metatag: Dublin Core, Metatag: Dublin Core Advanced, Metatag: Facebook, Metatag: Google+, Metatag: Mobile & UI Adjustments, Metatag: OpenGraph, Metatag: Twitter Cards, Metatag: Views, Pathauto, Plupload integration module, reCAPTCHA, Site Verification, Token, Transliteration, Views, Views UI, Views Bootstrap, Wysiwyg, XMLSitemap

​Ongoing maintenance is best done monthly as part of a service plan.