Durastudio by Kelley Graham


Fine art, filmmaking, photography (digital, medium and large format analog), permatecture, design-build, machinery, prototyping, fabrication, historic preservation, adaptive reuse, open source, privacy, data visualization, diy, arduino, deep process documentation (blah, blah, blah). Absolutely no solicitations. Available for limited commission at this time. Call or txt. Follow me on private social media https://faf.social/imklg



A look into process and production. Use the menu to make a purchase. Browse project resource pages. I find something I like, it gets dropped in the bin. You can follow me at https://faf.social/imklg.

Permatecture Pro


Permatecture professionals address complex cultural and technical aspects of climate change including:

  • Is Energy, Food And Water Independence Possible?
  • What Does Sustainability Look Like?
  • Can We Live With A Zero Carbon Footprint?
  • What Would It Take To Leave No Trace?
  • Implications of Open Source Media Tech and Free Press
  • Do We Have The Will For Necessary Changes?

Permatecture professionals seek to tie disparate bits and pieces into a cohesive model.

Open Source Audio For Audiophiles

Custom mounting Odroid-C2x2-Hifi2

Volumio + Odroid + Kinter chipped mini amps. Vintage passive and powered multi channel speakers. Adequate hardware for audiophile quality sound. I am enjoying Tidal hi-res audio streams and curated playlists. Open Source. Super fun! Call me to get your custom whole house system. FLOSS is always changing, I stay on top of the tech for you. Watch this page for new products and DIY resources.

It’s Not Frozen Music


Architecture is sometimes referred to as frozen music. <meh> It’s a great metaphor, but leaves me feeling, well, nothing. Everything in nature moves and changes. Frozen is dead. Frozen music might as well be a cave for all it has to do with a genuine experience of living space and place. Easy to say, very difficult to do.

Benchmaster Mill

Embedded thumbnail for Benchmaster Mill
Embedded thumbnail for Benchmaster Mill

SoCal mid-century benchtop mill. They made all sorts of fun accessories. I have a Bridgeport M head...

NASA Jewelry Line

Endeavor LA

Designs are almost complete for my NASA jewelry line. Limited run of 50 to 250. After that I move on to something else. :)

Cistern Bench - 'Aware'

Cistern Bench Cross Section

Part of 12,000 gal rainwater harvesting project.

Cistern bench. Japanese aesthetic in play: Aware. Spelled like conscious, but pronounced with 3 syllables. ‘Ah Wah Rey’ A nostalgic feeling for the past, expressed formally in the regular Shinto Religion EG the rebuilding of temples with new materials matching those centuries old.

Responsive Lighting ( Anti-Vegas )

Embedded thumbnail for Responsive Lighting ( Anti-Vegas )
Embedded thumbnail for Responsive Lighting ( Anti-Vegas )
Early Vegas Lighting

Arduino powered LED proximity responsive lighting tech.

The problem with accent lighting is that there's too damn much of it most of the time. Vegas never shuts off, nor should it. Who wants Vegas Strip lighting in their neighborhood or back yard?

Milk Frother Cap Fab

Nespresso Cap Crack

Milk frother plastic cap just cracked. We use everyday and replacement parts are stupid expensive. Gonna make an improved version ( that won't leak ) with some scrap stainless and clear polycarbonate. Just for fun.

UCB Staff


Metal articulated staff project. Part of heavy weapon training for UCB Program students.