Durastudio by Kelley Graham


Fine art, filmmaking, photography (digital, medium and large format analog), permatecture, design-build, machinery, prototyping, fabrication, historic preservation, adaptive reuse, open source, privacy, data visualization, diy, arduino, deep process documentation (blah, blah, blah). In short, making dumb shite interesting. Absolutely no solicitations. Available for limited commission at this time. Call or txt. Use the menus to buy. Follow me on private social media https://faf.social/imklg



A look into process and production. Use the menu to browse project pages. I find something I like, it gets dropped into the feed.

Permatecture Pro


Permatecture professionals address complex cultural and technical aspects of climate change including:

  • Is Energy, Food And Water Independence Possible?
  • What Does Sustainability Look Like?
  • Can We Live With A Zero Carbon Footprint?
  • What Would It Take To Leave No Trace?
  • Implications of Open Source Media Tech and Free Press
  • Do We Have The Will For Necessary Changes?

Permatecture professionals seek to tie disparate bits and pieces into a cohesive model.

Ender-3 E and Klipper via Kiauh

XYZ Calibration Cube in Bue

Older wierd niche 'Creality Ender-3 E', craigslist find. Came with BL Touch, spiffy red bed leveling screws. Not just little documentation, but it's like they wanted to erase it from the internet. <meh>


  • Creality board version 4.2.2 ( MKS )
  • Firmware must be named firmware.bin. Do not follow the directions for Ender-3 v2.

Pallet Racking Repair

Bendy bit fitment. Painted orange on steel table.

Ever wonder what happens when a stoopid forklift operator gets a bit out of sorts. Things break. Here's the last item to repair of our #upcycled storage system. #permatecture #art #studio #build #maker


Fediverse Media - PeerTube + PixelFed

Picture of metal chips on a lathe

I am testing #PeerTube and #PixelFed over at https://faf.watch and https://faf.photos. We'll see how it goes. The install and configure is much easier now for both than in 2018 when I last attempted. :) PixelFed is very easy. Peertube is for tech adverturous only, but I can see things changing rapidly. Note: Lock everything down before publishing or allowing registrations. Take your time.

Sheldon (Sebastian) Lathes

Good lathes. Attached files from http://lathes.co.uk and http://vintagemachinery.org. Thx!

Sheldon were based, originally, at 4258 North Knox Avenue, Chicago, USA, and made a range of machine tools including millers, shapers and lathes using their own as well as "Sebastian" branding. From the 1940s until the late 1970s the Sheldon name was used exclusively on the Company's smaller lathes which, during the 1950s, was consolidated into the following types:

Open Source HA Resources [WIP]

Cistern Bench

Deploy highly available and scalable server clusters. If you run a MariaDB (MySQL) galera cluster over a WAN, deadlocks are an issue. A misbehaving program will crash your backend. One solution is to move caching off the database and into memory.

Clustered and HA db services:

Camera Slider

Embedded thumbnail for Camera Slider
Embedded thumbnail for Camera Slider
Embedded thumbnail for Camera Slider
Embedded thumbnail for Camera Slider
Embedded thumbnail for Camera Slider
Embedded thumbnail for Camera Slider
Embedded thumbnail for Camera Slider
Embedded thumbnail for Camera Slider

Programmable Slider. Integrated display. No phone app or such. Silent, light and durable. Can move heavy anamorphic rig. Seven basic camera movements.

  1. Pan
  2. Tilt
  3. Dolly
  4. Truck
  5. Pedestal
  6. Zoom
  7. Rack Focus