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Permatecture Pro


Permatecture professionals consider complex cultural and technical aspects of climate change including:

  • What Does Sustainability Look Like?
  • Can We Live With A Zero Carbon Footprint?
  • What Would It Take To Leave No Trace?
  • Do We Have The Will To Make Necessary Changes?

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  • Fish fertilize the hydroponics, hydroponics clean the water for the fish
  • Start small, plan for growth
  • Use simple tech to monitor system state

Rainwater Warvesting

  • Slow the water down with french drains¬†
  • Set drain tiles to move the water
  • Terrace the land for shade trees and bird friendly shrubs
  • Store the water

Off Grid Solar

  • Buy used, think carefully about long term lease arrangements of any kind. Run the numbers based on the almost vertical descending cost per watt.
  • Consider an electric auto as part of your ROI cost analysis, you might be suprised at the savings.

Open Source Tech

Watch for announcements. This community project is in development.