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Permatecture Pro


Permatecture professionals consider complex cultural and technical aspects of climate change including:

  • What Does Sustainability Look Like?
  • Can We Live With A Zero Carbon Footprint?
  • What Would It Take To Leave No Trace?
  • Do We Have The Will To Make Necessary Changes?

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  • Fish fertilize the hydroponics, hydroponics clean the water for the fish
  • Start small, plan for growth
  • Use simple tech to monitor system state

Rainwater Warvesting

  • Slow the water down with french drains 
  • Set drain tiles to move the water
  • Terrace the land for shade trees and bird friendly shrubs
  • Store the water

Off Grid Solar

  • Buy used, think carefully about long term lease arrangements of any kind. Run the numbers based on the almost vertical descending cost per watt.
  • Consider an electric auto as part of your ROI cost analysis, you might be suprised at the savings.

Open Source Tech

Watch social media and this page for announcements. This community project is in development.