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It’s Not Frozen Music


Architecture is sometimes referred to as frozen music. <meh> It’s a great metaphor, but leaves me feeling, well, nothing. Everything in nature moves and changes. Frozen is dead. Frozen music might as well be a cave for all it has to do with a genuine experience of living space and place. Easy to say, very difficult to do.

NASA Jewelry Line

Endeavor LA

Designs are almost complete for my NASA jewelry line. Limited run of 50 to 250. After that I move on to something else. :)

Cistern Bench - 'Aware'

Cistern Bench Cross Section

Part of 12,000 gal rainwater harvesting project.

Cistern bench. Japanese aesthetic in play: Aware. Spelled like conscious, but pronounced with 3 syllables. ‘Ah Wah Rey’ A nostalgic feeling for the past, expressed formally in the regular Shinto Religion EG the rebuilding of temples with new materials matching those centuries old.

Responsive Lighting ( Anti-Vegas )

Embedded thumbnail for Responsive Lighting ( Anti-Vegas )
Embedded thumbnail for Responsive Lighting ( Anti-Vegas )
Early Vegas Lighting

Arduino powered LED proximity responsive lighting tech.

The problem with accent lighting is that there's too damn much of it most of the time. Vegas never shuts off, nor should it. Who wants Vegas Strip lighting in their neighborhood or back yard?

Range Hood

Embedded thumbnail for Range Hood


  • Stainless + Milk Glass + Anodized Aluminum

Fireplace Hearth, Surround + Andirons

Fireplace Redux


  • Fix accoustics
  • Insulate
  • Provide for media tech
  • Tie into Coconauts architectural theme. "Rough and nasty outside, cool and creamy in."
  • Execute Permatecture aesthetic
  • Adjacent to PopUp TV project

Materials palette:

  • Polished concrete
  • Stainless
  • Glass
  • Love

Milk Frother Cap Fab

Nespresso Cap Crack

Milk frother plastic cap just cracked. We use everyday and replacement parts are stupid expensive. Gonna make an improved version ( that won't leak ) with some scrap stainless and clear polycarbonate. Just for fun.

UCB Staff


Metal articulated staff project. Part of heavy weapon training for UCB Program students.

Popup TV


NEMA 23 VersaDrive from US Automation - From VersaDrive spec sheet

  • USV23-120XXXXXX
  • 2.8V Series Voltage
  • 2.0A
  • 1.40 Ohms
  • 5.6W
  • 4.1mH Series Inductance
  • 1.70 x 10-3oz in sec2 (120gm cm2) inertia
  • 18.3oz (521g) weight
  • 4 leads
  • 1.75in (44.5mm) length

StepperOnline DM542T

Some Context Re: Proposed Campbell-River Development

Historic Campbell Ave North

Open Letter From Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation - #permatecture #preservation #tucson

Honorable Tucson Mayor and Council,

On behalf the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation (THPF) and our thousands of members and supporters throughout Tucson and Pima County we are writing to outline our concerns regarding the proposed River Road and Campbell Avenue “Karma del Sol” project and formally object to the merged annexation and rezoning process.

Is It Mobile? Is It Fast? Is It Secure?

Tucson Dtown Night

If your site isn't moble optimized, fast and secure, you are out of the game. You have 3 seconds to capture the attention of a potential client. How does your site look on a phone? Is there a little lock icon, or an angry warning? Is your artwork licensed? Call me to update your unresponsive, slow and insecure site.

Actual Conversation With Buyer Of My Fantastic Vintage Mamiya RB67 Pro-S


Mar 30 The buyer ******** created a return 
Reason for return: Doesn't work or defective
Comments: The lens does not focus and the film back will not advance film properly.

Mar 30 You sent a message
Message: there is nothing wrong with the camera lens or back. you received a perfectly functioning camera. you need to read the manual carefully. there are many sources for these manuals online.