Ender-3 E and Klipper via Kiauh

XYZ Calibration Cube in Bue

Older wierd niche 'Creality Ender-3 E', craigslist find. Came with BL Touch, spiffy red bed leveling screws. Not just little documentation, but it's like they wanted to erase it from the internet. <meh>


  • Creality board version 4.2.2 ( MKS )
  • Firmware must be named firmware.bin. Do not follow the directions for Ender-3 v2.

Pallet Racking Repair

Bendy bit fitment. Painted orange on steel table.

Ever wonder what happens when a stoopid forklift operator gets a bit out of sorts. Things break. Here's the last item to repair of our #upcycled storage system. #permatecture #art #studio #build #maker


Fediverse Media - PeerTube + PixelFed

Picture of metal chips on a lathe

I am testing #PeerTube and #PixelFed over at and We'll see how it goes. The install and configure is much easier now for both than in 2018 when I last attempted. :) PixelFed is very easy. Peertube is for tech adverturous only, but I can see things changing rapidly. Note: Lock everything down before publishing or allowing registrations. Take your time.

Open Source HA Resources [WIP]

Cistern Bench

Deploy highly available and scalable server clusters. If you run a MariaDB (MySQL) galera cluster over a WAN, deadlocks are an issue. A misbehaving program will crash your backend. One solution is to move caching off the database and into memory.

Clustered and HA db services:

It’s Not Frozen Music


Architecture is sometimes referred to as frozen music. <meh> It’s a great metaphor, but leaves me feeling, well, nothing. Everything in nature moves and changes. Frozen is dead. Frozen music might as well be a cave for all it has to do with a genuine experience of living space and place. Easy to say, very difficult to do.